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1st Class Fundraisers People Crave!

Nearly a quarter of a century ago, Paul Schutte discovered that the people in charge of a company or organization, make the difference between success or failure.  Paul has done 1000's of fundraisers and talked with Tens of thousands of students, parents, and directors over the past 25 years.

He founded the company on dedication to integrity and on one thought, which has become the KEY VERSE for our company and embodies our whole philosophy!

"In a race, everyone runs, but only one person gets 1st prize, so run your race to WIN!"  I Cor. 9:24

The winning isn't about the prize, it's about HOW YOU RUN THE RACE, which is why we are dedicated to being 1st CLASS!  Our goal isn't to be THE BIGGEST fundraiser company in Indiana, simply THE BEST!

From our combined 50+ years of business serving customers, we have developed 4 proven fundraiser lines that work every time.  As a locally owned and operated family focused company, we proudly service Indiana schools, churches and civic organizations.  We specialize in Bands, Choirs, and Orchestras, as well as Cheer, Dance and Sports groups!  Each time our customers need to do a fundraiser, they know who to call...the 1st Class Fundraisers Team! 

Please feel free to contact us for references:

NHS Music- Made over $80,000 Profit in 3 years with 200 students. OUTSTANDING!! HH JHS- Made over $45,000.00 profit in 3 fundraisers with 300 students. FANTASTIC JOB!!!
HH Christian School SR. Class- Made over $12,000 Profit each year with 8-10 students!!!! T H S Cheerleaders- 15 girls made over $3,000.00 profit.

These Schools and Hundreds of others have been able to make MORE PROFIT with LESS EFFORT and MORE SATISFIED CUSTOMERS & VOLUNTEERS
 with 1st Class Fundraisers and have their customers ask "When are you going to sell those (Butter Braid® Pastries, or Cheesecakes, or Cookie Dough, or Kids Choice Pizzas) again, I want to buy some more"! Which is why we say we have FUNDRAISERS PEOPLE CRAVE!!

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1st Class Fun Inflatables and Fireworks is full-service Fundraising, Holiday Shop & Fun Fair/Inflatable Rental provider with nearly 25 years of SUCCESS with Schools & Organizations ALL over INDIANA!
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