1st Class Fundraisers - Customer Quotes

Customer Quotes

Small 1st Class Logo"Paul, it is terrific working with you and your group!  I never knew that fundraising could be so easy!  I remember running a raffle at my son's school in West Palm Beach.  We raised about $20,000 but it nearly killed me off each year.  I'll be back with you shortly!"                                                           - Lynne, Group Leader

"Thanks so much.  Your delivery man was wonderful yesterday."  - Shanna, longtime loyal Choir Director

"Paul, You guys are great!!!"                                                                  - Pete, Longtime loyal MS/HS Band Director 

"Hello, I wanted you to know our delivery went great. The gentleman who made our delivery was very nice, he helped us check all our orders to make sure everything was ok. Thank You again for all your help, we look forward to using this as a fundraiser for next year, probably both fall & spring!"              - Sandy, 1st time customer turned long time customer

"Dear Paul,  Thank you SO MUCH!!!!  I really appreciate you doing this prize program for us and it has worked out great for us since we have started doing it.  I will look for the check in my mailbox.  These are the reasons I stay with you and do my fundraising with ONLY YOU.  You provide a wonderful customer service and you are LOYAL to your customers and you take CARE of your customers.  I really do appreciate the relationship we have built over the years.  You have been such a good FRIEND and I THANK YOU for it."                                             - Jay, Band Director & longtime loyal customer

"We want to sell these again...People are calling us and my parents love this :) Thank you!"   - Kathy, MS/HS Choir Director

"Robin, (Hi, Paul)  Have we set a date for the next Butter Braid sale yet? .... Last year’s sale was outstanding. We are looking forward to another excellent year."                                              - Cathy, MS/HS Band Director

"We are really happy with the profit we made; thanks for making it so easy.  Selling is not hard when you have a great product.  B^)"                             -  Barb, Music Educator, Satisfied Customer

"Paul & Robin,  No worries here!  You guys are the best!"                   - Steve, Band Director

"BTW--thanks for making this whole thing easy. I appreciate it!"                       - Another satisfied MS/HS Band Director

"I wanted to thank you for the great fundraiser and to ask you to change something because I'm sure I'll forget by next year (and YES, of course I'm going to go ahead and set up for next year!)  On the form where it says checks payable could you please change it to: LHS Activities?   Thanks guys. Have a great year!"      - Betsy, MS/HS Band Director


"Thank you very much for everything.  This was a very smooth fundraiser for us, once again.  We did not have any messed up orders and your employee helped check the boxes!  I was in another classroom for the delivery, but the choir director was very impressed by your employee. Thanks again!"                             - Jonathon, a longtime loyal Band Director

"It was so great meeting and working with you today! You made everything run so smoothly and I know the kids and I certainly enjoyed everything. I can't thank you enough for making this process so easy- especially for me being a brand new teacher!!   If I have more questions while we go through the fundraising process, I will be sure to ask you.  Thank you again!! :) PS- so cool that you left the garlic cheese bread and cookie dough! What a treat!"   

- Ali, 1st time director, turned loyal customer 

"Our PTO , through trial and error, have discovered that 4 major fundraisers is enough in one school year!  This gives the Parents time to breathe. For the first (August/September) product fundraiser your Butter Braid Pastries are perfect!  It encourages the students to work together to win a Fun Fair to be held in the Spring. The second fundraiser is either chocolate bars or we have done your desserts (Eli's Cheesecakes) for November pre-Thanksgiving delivery. We held a Holiday Shop for the students with you in December where they can buy gifts for their families. Finally, we have a cookie dough fundraiser in the spring (March delivery). This combination works well for our school.  In between, we sell Popcorn every Wednesday as a middle of the week treat for the kids. They look forward to that! Hope this helps!"   

   - Katie, long-time Elementary School customer & PTO President

"Thanks Paul and Robin!!!! I am just so pleased that a lot of people bought your fantastic product, a thank you so much for all your         - Janet, loyal Music Dept. customer  


"This letter is great--very helpful for both me and the students and parents.  I like the incentives as well.  I need to double check and make sure the dates I submitted were approved by the school board.  I will check that tomorrow and get back with you.  You all have been great to work with thus far and I look forward to getting this fundraiser underway.  Thanks again!"                                            - Carrie, 1st Time Customer & New Coach/Educator


And about our 1st Class Products:

"Hi, I was wondering if there is an organization selling your cookie dough in our area, I would love to order online, they were the best tasting cookies I have ever bought... If you respond that would be great!"    - Kathy & Jerry T, Satisfied customers in Jasper


"I love these things! I use them to take to our church funeral meal. The ladies of our church prepare a meal for families in our chrch for after the funeral. I still work so these are easy for me to make and I get all kinds of compliments. I make them to take to work on special occasions., Keep them coming please!"     - Missy, Satisfied customer in Attica



1st Class Gift Shops Logo


"Could you please send me a registration form for this year?  I have to be honest, I was looking at "trying" another organization this year to "compare." Their big selling point was boxes you just took the lids off of. No set up! HOWEVER, once I looked at their products, I knew I could not disappoint the kids, parents and staff. PLUS they wanted us to do inventory. They wanted US TO PAY A PRICE to not do inventory. So, alas, I knew I had already found the "BEST" and there was no need to "try" someone else to make a final decision. Your perks, and bonus items are superb, and the product selection and quality was excellent.  Blessings!"          - Robyn, 1st year PTA Chairperson

"Robin, I just wanted to say "Thank You!" for making our Santa Shop successful & less stressful!"

- Tracey C. 10-year loyal PTO customer

"We love your Christmas shop it has been the best we have ever had as far as product and easy to run!  Thanks!" 

   - Karena, 5-year loyal Elementary School Customer

"First.. Thank you!! We just got more students so numbers went up a bit.  Second... ok...I know I am a PITA customer. :) But Got my first look today... you guys ROCK!!!!! Everything packed with it's own sheet, each letter box having the same items.   OMG.. In all seriousness..you do not know how happy I am right now. Previous company mailed me an invoice sheet, and the boxes weren't labeled and items of all prices, groupings etc. were mixed in together.  THANK YOU for having such professionalism and care for the customer. It makes the store operators life a whole lot easier for set up. Thank you!!"      - Nancy, a 1st time customer


"Great thanks!  I am really impressed with the selection of items!... The students are very excited.  Thanks!"     

– Judy, Satisfied Customer, 2 schools

"Everything has been great.  We got all classes through Monday and Tuesday but one.  Wednesday will be selling to that one class, catching any stragglers and closing up.  We have had a great experience and I have heard a lot of positive comments.  Thanks!"                                                                                                                                  - Amy R, Satisfied 1st Time Customer


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